Eco Policy

Sustainability and Eco Policy

Devarya believes that the protection of our ecological environment and its sustainable development is not an aspiration, neither a responsibility, but a real need. We are very committed to taking care for our local environment and the earth’s resources in the best way we possibly can.

The Devarya sustainability program, founded on an enduring connection to the land and communities where we do business, is a comprehensive commitment to minimizing our resort’s impact on the planet. This green philosophy has grown to become a core value of our company and we have recently pre-registered up to be a TripAdvisor Green Leader property when the scheme hits India early next year.

With your help we can better manage our energy and water consumption. Here are just some of the ways we conduct our Eco Policy of which we kindly ask you support us with.

  • Focus on local partnerships and responsible business practices with local communities have been a mainstay of our business practice since our inception in 2016.
  • To support local preservation initiatives of Turtle beach, Devarya Wellness operations are managed with an aim to minimize its impact on its local environment and are guided by the LEAVE NO TRACE program.
  • Responsibility toward sustainability is extended to all our operational functions including Human Resource Management, Vendor Management, Energy Conservation and Water Preservation, Waste Management, Recycling and the use of natural, biodegradable products.
  • Most of the wood we have used for our building work around the resort has been from scrap or reclaimed wood.
  • Absolutely NO food goes to waste at Devarya. Any food not eaten by guests, goes directly to compost, and any leftover food from the day is given to those in need locally.
  • We encourage guests to bring along an empty water flask or bottle made from non-toxic plastic or stainless steel so that you may top up from our supply as and when you require rather than keep buying toxic plastic.
  • Housekeeping will provide daily room cleaning to all our guests. At Devarya Wellness to conserve energy and water, bed linen and towels are changed weekly during your stay. However, if you require fresh linen and towels before this then please speak to our reception team who will be happy to help you. Please help to keep your towels fresh by hanging them up to dry after use. All of our cleaning products are natural and contain no harsh chemicals.
  • Our sewerage system is kept clean and toxic free via an effective micro-organism (EMs) process in which natural, non-GMO EMs dilute and cleanse the wastage into purified water. This can then be used for garden watering, saving water wastage.
  • Devarya Wellness is surrounded by beautiful lush tropical greenery and is located on the beach. So please be mindful you may encounter bugs here and there. To protect our beautiful environment we do not spray harsh chemicals around the resort. We advise you to bring along some bug repellent for your own personal use, we also recommended you don’t leave doors and windows open with the lights on during the evening. When using our pools we please ask that you use the showers provided to wash off any creams and lotions before entering. 
  • At Devarya we do not have a generator back up because we believe in conserving energy not adding to the consumption of it. Use the moments of no wifi and false lighting for peace, not panic the electric usually returns within a few minutes.
  • We pay for all of our rubbish to be collected daily by a solid waste management government scheme. We kindly ask that you dispose of all waste and rubbish in the appropriate waste bins during your stay with us and during your travels across India so that together we can help keep India clean, tidy and beautiful.
  • If you have anything you need to leave behind in India before your departure such as clothes, toiletries or loose change please feel free to leave at reception. We will happily pass these onto those who will benefit from it in the local area with much gratitude. Or if you would prefer to do this yourself we can point you in the right direction. 
  • We provide all of our guests with drinking water during their stay to limit the amount of plastic bottles being purchased and added to our local environment as garbage. We encourage you to please bring along an empty water flask or bottle made from non-toxic plastic or stainless steel so that you may top up from our supply as and when you require. Feel free to top up extra for your days out.

Do you have any suggestions about how we can reduce our carbon footprint and be a greener resort? We would love to hear them!

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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