About Devarya

Our Space

Devarya Wellness is not just a yoga centre. It is a healing space that has been designed to guide you on a spiritual path to self discovery. Devarya which translates into Divine Belief in Sanskrit comes from the names of our Founder, Chandra Parihar's children - Dev & Arya - and the entire space reflects a childlike purity. Redefining the experience of a yoga retreat, Devarya Wellness is an oasis of peace where guests can detoxify and cleanse, relax and enjoy the pure magic of yoga in a natural environment.

Our Journey

Our well traveled Founder had 15 years experience working in the travel, hospitality and event management industries across India with an international client base. The Founder of Devarya Wellness who has previously been involved in the design, building, running and management of two successful yoga centres in the past, has now used his expertise to conceptualise Devarya Wellness as a sanctuary that inspires personal and spiritual growth in an eco-friendly and healthy environment. This property is a culmination of years of hard work to create a getaway that perfectly balances the ancient wisdom of traditional yoga with the modern-day conveniences of the ever-evolving wellness industry.

Our Philosophy

We welcome students and seekers from all walks of life to come here and discover yoga and deepen their asana practice and knowledge. Our collaboration with experienced teachers who are internationally recognised by the Yoga Alliance, will give you access to many forms of practice, ranging from Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Iyengar yoga, among other styles.

We believe yoga is more than just about the postures, but a holistic experience that transcends into all aspects of your life. That’s why, we have designed Devarya Wellness to be a simple & spiritual atmosphere - a haven for like-minded souls from around the world - that rejuvenates the body, invigorates the mind and refreshes the soul.

As we begin this wonderful journey of self-discovery in Goa, we welcome you to join us and together, we can experience something beautiful.

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