About the Founder

Chandra Parihar was born in the beautiful desert state of Rajasthan in India. As the eldest son of the family, he grew up under a cloud of responsibility & expectations, even as he constantly dreamed of new adventures. Growing up in India, yoga was a natural part of his life, thanks to his culture and family. Yoga, not in the modern sense of the word, but as a deep rooted value system. From around the age of five, he would wake up every morning to perform seva and study the Bhagavad Gita at a temple in his town, instilling in him the principles that he still lives by today.

Chandra spent his childhood days in the desert, attending a local school under a tree, caring for cattle in a tough farming environment and praying in the temple. Nature was one of his greatest teachers and he learnt the essence of a yoga life in his early years, shaped by his experiences in the village and the wisdom of his parents. Surviving with limited resources taught him the importance of sharing and the value of life and family.

As responsibilities increased Chandra left his home in the desert to look for opportunities to provide for his family and learn more about the world. After many years of work, studies and traveling his path led him to a yoga centre in Goa, where he encountered the world of modern yoga. He struggled to understand this new world, which was so far removed from his life back home and his understanding of yoga. However his journey of traveling, embracing new cultures, places and all the incredible people he met along the way enabled him to bridge the gap between his innate understanding of yoga and the modern evolution of it, helping Chandra connect to his childhood once more. The deep-rooted respect he had for his home and upbringing heightened his desire to have a family of his own.

After the birth of his children, Dev & Arya, he knew that he wanted to create a space where they could experience the same evolution he did. That’s how Devarya was born. Named after his children, Devarya means Divine Belief in Sanskrit. Chandra realised that it was divine belief that governed his life journey and had led him to his biggest achievements. With Devarya, Chandra wanted to create a healthy environment for his children to grow up in. A yoga centre which encourages personal and spiritual growth, where they would always be surrounded by spiritual and health-conscious people and activities. 

Devarya Wellness is a reflection of Chandra’s journey. A space where the ancient traditions of yoga & ayurveda from his home in Rajasthan blends with the modern evolution of yoga and everything else that Chandra has learnt along the way.

We invite you to be a part of the Devarya Wellness journey.

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